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Founded in 1904, Manchester University Press is the third largest university press in England. Manchester University Press has a worldwide reputation for making innovative and high-quality scholarship available to the widest possible readership in both print and electronic formats, with particular strengths in the Humanities and Social Sciences. We currently publish 150 new books a year and manage a portfolio of 17 journals and online resources, many of which are published on behalf of or in collaboration with learned societies and institutions.
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633 Books in Copyright Date
1820: Disorder and stability in the United Kingdom 2013
The 1989 Revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe: From Communism to Pluralism 2013
Abandoning historical conflict?: Former political prisoners and reconciliation in Northern Ireland 2010
Acceptable words: Essays on the poetry of Geoffrey Hill 2005
Across the Margins: Cultural Identity and Change in the Atlantic Archipelago 2002
Adapting Philosophy: Jean Baudrillard and "The Matrix Trilogy" 2009
Aesthetics and subjectivity 2003
The African presence: Representations of Africa in the construction of Britishness 2013
After the new social democracy: Social welfare for the 21st century 2003
Against the grain: The British far left from 1956 2014
The age of internationalism and Belgium, 1880–1930: Peace, progress and prestige 2013
The age of Obama: The changing place of minorities in British and American society 2010
Alan Clarke 2005
Alan Moore and the Gothic tradition 2013
Alternative countrysides: Anthropological approaches to rural Western Europe today 2015
American Government in Ireland, 1790-1913: a history of the US consular service 2010
American literature and Irish culture, 1910–55: The politics of enchantment 2013
Amitav Ghosh 2007
The ancient Greeks at war 2007
André Téchiné 2007
Anglo-German relations during the Labour governments 1964-70: NATO strategy, détente and European integration 2007
Anglo-Jewry since 1066: Place, locality and memory 2009
Annotated Chaucer bibliography: 1997–2010 2016
Anthony Asquith 2005
Anti-terrorism, citizenship and security 2015
The anxiety of sameness in early modern Spain 2016
Apostasy and Jewish identity in High Middle Ages Northern Europe: Are you still my brother?' 2014
The arc and the machine: Narrative and new media 2007
Are the Irish different? 2014
Art and human rights: Contemporary Asian contexts 2016
The art of the possible: Politics and governance in modern British history, 1885–1997: Essays in memory of Duncan Tanner 2015
A.S. Byatt: Critical storytelling 2010
The ascent of globalisation 2016
The Asian Financial Crisis: Crisis, reform and recovery 2003
Authority and society in Nantes during the French Wars of Religion, 1558–1598 2006
Back to the Futurists: The avant-garde and its legacy 2013
Balkan Holocausts?: Serbian and Croatian victim centred propaganda and the war in Yugoslavia 2002
The BBC and national identity in Britain, 1922-53 2010
Beat sound, Beat vision: The Beat spirit and popular song 2007
Beckett on screen: The television Plays 2009
Beckett's Dantes: Intertextuality in the fiction and criticism 2005
Between earth and heaven: Liminality and the Ascension of Christ in Anglo-Saxon literature 2014
Between growth and security: Swedish social democracy from a strong society to a third way 2006
Between two stools: Scatology and its representations in English literature, Chaucer to Swift 2012
Between two unions: Europeanisation and Scottish devolution 2005
Between two worlds of father politics: USA or Sweden? 2015
Beyond devolution and decentralisation: Building regional capacity in Wales and Brittany 2006
Beyond hegemony: Towards a new philosophy of political legitimacy 2005
Beyond representation: Television drama and the politics and aesthetics of identity 2006
Beyond the metropolis: The changing image of urban Britain, 1780–1880 2016
Beyond the state: The colonial medical service in British Africa 2016
Biblical women in early modern literary culture, 1550–1700: 1550–1700 2015
The biopolitics of the war on terror: Life struggles, liberal modernity and the defence of logistical societies 2006
Black Bartholomew's Day: Preaching, polemic and Restoration nonconformity 2007
The Blair identity: Leadership and foreign policy 2009
Brave community: The Digger Movement in the English Revolution 2007
Britain and Africa Under Blair: In pursuit of the good state 2011
Britain’s Korean War: Cold War diplomacy, strategy and security 1950–53 2013
Britain's lost revolution?: Jacobite Scotland and French grand strategy, 1701–8 2015
British Asian fiction: Twenty-first-century voices 2010
British Cinema in the 1950s 2003
British films of the 1970s 2013
The British in Rural France: Lifestyle migration and the ongoing quest for a better way of life 2011
The British Labour Party and twentieth-century Ireland: The cause of Ireland, the cause of Labour 2016
British liberal internationalism, 1880–1930: Making progress? 2009
British Military Service Tribunals, 1916-18: 'A very much abused body of men' 2011
British national identity and opposition to membership of Europe, 1961-63: The anti-Marketeers 2009
The British New Wave: A certain tendency? 2006
The British people and the League of Nations: Democracy, citizenship and internationalism, c.1918–45 2011
British queer history: New approaches and perspectives 2013
Building a peace economy?: Liberal peacebuilding and the development-security industry 2014
The Bush administration, sex and the moral agenda 2007
Caryl Phillips, David Dabydeen and Fred D'Aguiar: Representations of slavery 2011
Casino capitalism: with an introduction by Matthew Watson 2016
Castles and colonists: An archaeology of Elizabethan Ireland 2010
Catherine Breillat 2009
Catholic Literature and Secularisation in France and England, 1880-1914 2011
Chagos Islanders in Mauritius and the UK: Forced displacement and onward migration 2011
Challenging times, challenging administration: The role of public administration in producing social justice in Ireland 2014
Changing Anarchism: Anarchist Theory and Practice in a Global Age 2004
The character of English rural society: Earls Colne, 1550–1750 2007
Chartism: A new history 2007
The child in Spanish cinema 2013
Children's rights, Eastern enlargement and the EU human rights regime 2014
Chinua Achebe 2014
Christianity and democratisation: From pious subjects to critical participants 2009
Church, nation and race: Catholics and antisemitism in Germany and England, 1918–45 2012
Churchyard and cemetery: Tradition and modernity in rural North Yorkshire 2013
The cinema of Álex de la Iglesia 2007
Citizen convicts: Prisoners, politics and the vote 2014
The civil service and the revolution in Ireland 1912-1938: 'Shaking the blood-stained hand of Mr Collins' 2008
Civilians into soldiers: War, the body and British Army recruits, 1939–45 2014
Class, ethnicity and religion in the Bengali East End: A political history 2014
Classical Hollywood cinema: Point of view and communication 2016
Climate change and the oil industry: Common problem, different strategies 2003
Colonial caring: A history of colonial and post-colonial nursing 2015
Colonial connections, 1815–45: Patronage, the information revolution and colonial government 2005
Colonial naval culture and British imperialism, 1922–67 2015
Co-memory and Melancholia: Israelis memorialising the Palestininan Nakba 2010
Community and identity: The making of modern Gibraltar since 1704 2009
Conflict to peace: Politics and society in Northern Ireland over half a century 2013
Conrad's Marlow: Narrative and death in 'Youth', Heart of Darkness, Lord Jim and Chance 2007
Conservative orators: From Baldwin to Cameron 2015
The Conservative Party and the Extreme Right 1945-1975 2011
Conservative thinkers: The key contributors to the political thought of the modern Conservative Party 2009
The Conservatives in crisis 2003
Contemporary Olson 2015
Contemporary Violence: Postmodern war in Kosovo and Chechnya 2010
Contesting home defence: Men, women and the Home Guard in the Second World War 2007
Coriolanus 2014
Corporate and white-collar crime in Ireland: A new architecture of regulatory enforcement 2015
Cricket and community in England: 1800 to the present day 2012
Crimes Against Humanity: Birth of a concept 2011
Crisis music: The cultural politics of Rock Against Racism 2009
The Crisis of Theory: E.P. Thompson, the new left and postwar British politics 2011
Crowds and popular politics in early modern England 2006
The cruelty man: Child welfare, the NSPCC and the State in Ireland, 1889–1956 2013
Cult british TV comedy: From Reeves and Mortimer to Psychoville 2013
The cult of the Duce: Mussolini and the Italians 2013
Cultural value in twenty-first-century England: The case of Shakespeare 2014
Cultural warfare and trust: Fighting the Mafia in Palermo 2008
Culture in Manchester: Institutions and urban change since 1850 2013
The Culture of Diplomacy: Britain in Europe, c.1750-1830 2010
The culture of toleration in diverse societies: Reasonable tolerance 2003
Culture on drugs: Narco-cultural studies of high modernity 2006
Cultures of decolonisation: Transnational productions and practices, 1945–70 2016
Cultures of violence: Lynching and Racial Killing in South Africa and the American South 2009
Curbing the spread of nuclear weapons 2005
Curing queers': Mental nurses and their patients, 1935–74 2015
Cyberprotest: Environmental activism online 2003
Dangerous bodies: Historicising the Gothic corporeal 2016
Daniel Calparsoro 2009
Daum's boys: Schools and the Republic of Letters in early modern Germany 2015
David Lean 2014
David Malouf 2007
The Debate on the English Reformation: Second edition 2014
Decadent daughters and monstrous mothers: Angela Carter and European Gothic 2013
Defining events: Power, resistance and identity in twenty-first-century Ireland 2015
Degeneration, decadence and disease in the Russian fin de siècle: Neurasthenia in the life and work of Leonid Andreev 2014
Deism in Enlightenment England: Theology, politics, and Newtonian public science 2009
Democracy in crisis: Violence, alterity, community 2009
Democratization through the looking-glass 2003
Destigmatising mental illness?: Professional politics and public education in Britain, 1870–1970 2014
Destination Europe: The political and economic growth of a continent 2003
Devolution and the Scottish Conservatives: Banal activism, electioneering and the politics of irrelevance 2011
Devolution in the UK 2009
Direct democracy: A comparative study of the theory and practice of government by the people 2013
Direct rule and the governance of Northern Ireland 2009
Directing scenes and senses: The thinking of Regie 2015
Disclosed poetics: Beyond landscape and lyricism 2007
Discovering Gilgamesh: Geology, narrative and the historical sublime in Victorian culture 2013
Divergent paths: Family histories of Irish emigrants in Britain, 1820–1920 2015
Diversity management in Spain: New dimensions, new challenges 2013
Divine love: Luce Irigaray, Women, Gender, and Religion 2006
Domestic and international trials, 1700-2000: The trial in history, volume 2 2003
Domestic life and domestic tragedy in early modern England: The material life of the household 2006
The domestic, moral and political economies of post-Celtic Tiger Ireland: What rough beast? 2014
Doris Lessing 2010
Doubtful and dangerous: The question of succession in late Elizabethan England 2014
Doubting sex: Inscriptions, bodies and selves in nineteenth-century hermaphrodite case histories 2012
Douglas Coupland 2007
E. P. Thompson and English radicalism 2013
Early modern women and the poem 2013
East German intelligence and Ireland, 1949–90: Espionage, terrorism and diplomacy 2014
EccentriCities: Writing in the margins of Modernism: St. Petersburg to Rio de Janeiro 2013
EcoGothic 2013
The economics of disability: Insights from Irish research 2014
Electoral competition in Ireland since 1987 2016
Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy and the Victorian Feminist Movement: The biography of an insurgent woman 2011
Emancipation and the remaking of the British Imperial world 2014
Emile and Isaac Pereire: Bankers, Socialists and Sephardic Jews in nineteenth-century France 2015
Empire and nation-building in the Caribbean: Barbados, 1937-66 2010
Empire, migration and identity in the British World 2013
The Encyclopedia of British Film: Fourth edition 2013
End of empire and the English novel since 1945 2011
The end of Irish history?: Reflections on the Celtic Tiger 2003
The end of the experiment?: From competition to the foundational economy 2014
The end of the Irish Poor Law?: Welfare and healthcare reform in revolutionary and independent Ireland 2015
The English Republican tradition and eighteenth-century France: Between the ancients and the moderns 2010
The English System: Quarantine, immigration and the making of a Port Sanitary zone 2014
Enlightening enthusiasm: Prophecy and religious experience in early eighteenth-century England 2015
The Enlightenment and religion: The myths of modernity 2003
Entertaining television: The BBC and popular television culture in the 1950s 2008
Environmental politics in the European Union: Policy-making, implementation and patterns of multi-level governance 2007
Equal subjects, unequal rights: Indigenous people in British settler colonies, 1830–1910 2003
Equality and the British Left: A study in progressive political thought, 1900-64 2007
Ethical and legal debates in Irish healthcare: Confronting complexities 2016
The ethics of war: Second edition 2016
EU development cooperation: From model to symbol 2004
EU enlargement, the clash of capitalisms and the European social dimension 2014
EU foreign and security policy in Bosnia: The politics of coherence and effectiveness 2013
The European debt crisis: The Greek case 2012
European social democracy during the global economic crisis: Renovation or resignation? 2014
The European Union and culture: Between economic regulation and European cultural policy 2007
The European Union and the accommodation of Basque difference in Spain 2008
The European Union, counter terrorism and police co-operation, 1991–2007: Unsteady foundations? 2010
The European Union in Africa: Incoherent policies, asymmetrical partnership, declining relevance? 2013
Europeanisation and new patterns of governance in Ireland 2009
The Europeanisation of Conflict Resolutions: Regional integration and conflicts from the 1950s to the 21st century 2011
The Europeanisation of Whitehall: UK central government and the European Union 2009
Everyday security threats: Perceptions, experiences, and consequences 2016
The experience of suburban modernity: How private transport changed interwar London 2014
Experimental British television 2007
Explaining local government: Local government in Britain since 1800 2007
Exploring Russia in the Elizabethan commonwealth: The Muscovy Company and Giles Fletcher, the elder (1546–1611) 2015
The extended self: Architecture, memes and minds 2014
The Extreme Right in Western Europe: Success or failure? 2005
Faith in the family: A lived religious history of English Catholicism, 1945–82 2013
The far right in the Balkans 2013
Federalism and democratisation in Russia 2002
Female imperialism and national identity: Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire 2002
The feminine public sphere: Middle-class women and civic life in Scotland, c. 1870-1914 2009
Fifteen into One?: The European Union and its member states 2003
Fight back: Punk, politics and resistance 2014
Fighting fascism: the British Left and the rise of fascism, 1919–39 2010
Film modernism 2015
Flagships of imperialism: The P&O Company and the Politics of Empire from its origins to 1867 2006
Flesh and Spirit: An anthology of seventeenth-century women's writing 2014
Food, risk and politics: Scare, scandal and crisis - insights into the risk politics of food safety 2009
Fools and idiots?: Intellectual disability in the Middle Ages 2016
Foreign players and football supporters: The Old Firm, Arsenal, Paris Saint-Germain 2012
Foreigners, minorities and integration: The Muslim immigrant experience in Britain and Germany 2013
The forgotten French: Exiles in the British Isles, 1940–44 2003
The formation of Croatian national identity: A centuries-old dream? 2003
Fragmenting Modernism 2002
Framing cosmologies: The anthropology of worlds 2014
Framing the moron: The social construction of feeble-mindedness in the American eugenic era 2013
Francis Bacon's the New Atlantis 2002
Francophone Africa at fifty 2013
Free Will: Art and power on Shakespeare's stage 2013
Freedom and the Fifth Commandment: Catholic priests and political violence in Ireland, 1919–21 2014
French colonial Dakar: The morphogenesis of an African regional capital 2016
French origins of English tragedy 2010
The French party system 2003
From entertainment to citizenship: Politics and popular culture 2013
From prosperity to austerity: A socio-cultural critique of the Celtic Tiger and its aftermath 2014
From reason to practice in bioethics: An anthology dedicated to the works of John Harris 2015
From victory to Vichy: Veterans in inter-war France 2012
Gay men and the Left in post-war Britain: How the personal got political 2007
Gender and colonial space 2005
Gender and housing in Soviet Russia: Private life in a public space 2010
Gender and the Liberal Democrats: Representing women 2011
Gender, migration and the global race for talent 2016
Gender, rhetoric and regulation: Women's work in the Civil Service and the London County Council, 1900–55 2016
George Fox and Early Quaker Culture 2011
George III: King and politicians 1760–1770 2002
Germany, pacifism and peace enforcement 2006
Gerry Fitt and the SDLP: In a minority of one' 2015
The Ghost Story, 1840-1920: A Cultural History 2010
Global citizen and European republic: Irish foreign policy in transition 2006
Global justice networks: Geographies of transnational solidarity 2009
Global warming policy in Japan and Britain: Interactions between institutions and issue characteristics 2006
Globalgothic 2013
Globalisation and Ideology in Britain: Neoliberalism, free trade and the global economy 2011
Globalisation Contested 2002
Globalizing democracy: Power, legitimacy and the interpretation of democratic ideas 2008
Gothic kinship 2013
Gothic Renaissance: A reassessment 2014
Governing Europe's spaces: European Union re-imagined 2015
The great forgetting: The past, present and future of Social Democracy and the Welfare State 2015
The Great Labour Unrest: Rank-and-file movements and political change in the Durham coalfield 2016
Great Satan's rage: American negativity and rap/metal in the age of supercapitalism 2008
Greenery: Ecocritical readings of late medieval English literature 2007
Groups, representation and democracy: Between promise and practice 2010
Half the battle: Civilian morale in Britain during the Second World War 2002
Haunted historiographies: The rhetoric of ideology in postcolonial Irish fiction 2014
Healing with water: English spas and the water cure, 1840–1960 2015
Henri-Georges Clouzot 2007
Heroes and happy endings: Class, gender, and nation in popular film and fiction in interwar Britain 2014
Heroic imperialists in Africa: The promotion of British and French colonial heroes, 1870–1939 2013
Hincmar of Rheims: Life and work 2015
Historical epistemology and the making of modern Chinese medicine 2015
Histories of nursing practice 2015
History and memory 2007
History, heritage, and colonialism: Historical consciousness, Britishness, and cultural identity in New Zealand, 1870–1940 2015
A history of the Northern Ireland Labour Party: Democratic socialism and sectarianism 2009
A History of the University of Manchester, 1973-90 2004
Honecker's Children: Youth and patriotism in East(ern) Germany, 1979-2002 2007
Hong Kong and British culture, 1945–97 2016
Horseracing and the British 1919–30 2003
Housewives and citizens: Domesticity and the women’s movement in England, 1928–64 2013
Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution: Populism and democracy in a globalised age 2009
Human Rights and the Borders of Suffering: The Promotion of Human Rights in International Politics 2002
Humanitarian intervention in the long nineteenth century: Setting the precedent 2015
The humanities and the Irish university: Anomalies and opportunities 2014
Humphrey Jennings 2010
Iain Sinclair 2007
Ian McEwan 2007
Ideas of monarchical reform: Fénelon, Jacobitism, and the political works of the Chevalier Ramsay 2015
The ideology of the extreme right 2000
Ignorance: Literature and agnoiology 2009
The ignorant bystander?: Britain and the Rwandan genocide of 1994 2015
Images of Africa: Creation, negotiation and subversion 2015
Imagining women readers, 1789–1820: Well-regulated minds 2014
Immigration and social cohesion in the Republic of Ireland 2011
Imperial citizenship: Empire and the question of belonging 2006
Imperial spaces: Placing the Irish and Scots in colonial Australia 2011
Implementing international environmental agreements in Russia 2003
Impostures in early modern England: Representations and perceptions of fraudulent identities 2009
In defence of councillors 2016
In the club: Associational life in colonial South Asia 2015
In the wake of the great rebellion: Republicanism, agrarianism and banditry in Ireland after 1798 2008
Inclusion, exclusion and the governance of European security 2007
India in a globalized world 2006
Indigenous peoples and Human rights 2002
Indispensable immigrants: The wine porters of Northern Italy and their saint, 1200–1800 2014
Innovation by demand: An interdisciplinary approach to the study of demand and its role in innovation 2002
Insanity, identity and empire: Immigrants and institutional confinement in Australia and New Zealand, 1873–1910 2015
In/security in Colombia: Writing political identities in the Democratic Security Policy 2010
"Insubordinate Irish": Travellers in the Text 2011
Integration in Ireland: The everyday lives of African migrants 2012
The international dimension of the failed Algerian transition: Democracy betrayed? 2009
The international politics of the Middle East: Second edition 2015
Interpreting the Labour Party: Approaches to Labour politics and history 2003
Interrogation, intelligence and security: Controversial British Techniques 2015
The IRA 1956-69: Rethinking the Republic 2011
Iraqi women in Denmark: Ritual performance and belonging in everyday life 2013
Ireland: 1641: Contexts and reactions 2013
Ireland and migration in the twenty-first century 2015
Ireland and the Freedom of Information Act 2015
Ireland during the Second World War: Farewell to Plato’s Cave 2014
Ireland under austerity: Neoliberal crisis, neoliberal solutions 2015
Ireland's District Court: Language, immigration and consequences for justice 2014
Irish adventures in nation-building 2016
Irish Catholic identities 2013
The Irish in Manchester c.1750–1921: Resistance, adaptation and identity 2016
Irish nationalism and European integration: The official redefinition of the island of Ireland 2009
Irish regiments in the Great War: Discipline and Morale 2003
Irish women in medicine, c.1880s-1920s: Origins, education and careers 2012
The Israeli response to Jewish extremism and violence 2002
Jack Rosenthal 2009
Jacques Demy 2014
James Kelman 2007
Jews and other foreigners: Manchester and the rescue of the victims of European Fascism, 1933–40 2011
John Donne's Performances: Sermons, poems, Letters and devotions 2010
John Hume and the revision of Irish nationalsm 2010
John Lyly and early modern authorship 2014
Jonathan Lethem 2012
The Judas kiss: Treason and betrayal in six modern Irish novels 2015
Judicial tribunals in England and Europe, 1200–1700: The trial in history, volume I 2003
Julia Margaret Cameron’s ‘fancy subjects’: Photographic allegories of Victorian identity and empire 2016
Julian Barnes 2011
Julio Medem 2007
Julius Caesar 2014
Kids and branding in a digital world 2016
The Kosovo crisis and the evolution of a post-Cold War European security: The Evolution of Post Cold War European Security 2003
The Labour governments 1964-1970 vol 1: Labour and cultural change 2003
Labour orators from Bevan to Miliband 2014
The Labour Party and the world, volume 1: The evolution of Labour's foreign policy, 1900–51 2003
The Labour Party and the World - volume 2: Labour's foreign policy since 1951 2011
The Labour Party under Ed Miliband: Trying but failing to renew social democracy 2016
Labour, state and society in rural India: A class-relational approach 2016
Labours old and new: The parliamentary right of the British Labour Party 1970-79 and the roots of New Labour 2008
The Lancashire witches: Histories and stories 2002
The Länder and German federalism 2003
The Last Taboo: Women and body hair 2006
Laudian and royalist polemic in seventeenth-century England: The career and writings of Peter Heylyn 2007
Laurent Cantet 2015
Leaders in conflict: Bush and Rumsfeld in Iraq 2014
Leading the localities: Executive mayors in English local governance 2006
Learning femininity in colonial India, 1820–1932 2016
Leisure, citizenship and working-class men in Britain, 1850–1940 2005
Leisure cultures in urban Europe, c.1700–1870: A transnational perspective 2016
The Levellers: Radical political thought in the English Revolution 2013
Liberal realism: A realist theory of liberal politics 2013
The life of mise-en-scène: Visual style and British film criticism, 1946–78 2013
Limiting Institutions?: The challenge of Eurasian security governance 2013
Limits of Horror: Technology, bodies, Gothic 2008
Lisbon rising: Urban social movements in the Portuguese Revolution, 1974–75 2013
Listen in terror: British horror radio from the advent of broadcasting to the digital age 2014
Literary visions of multicultural Ireland: The immigrant in contemporary Irish literature 2013
A literature of restitution: Critical essays on W. G. Sebald 2013
Living in sin: Cohabiting as husband and wife in nineteenth-century England 2008
Livingstone's 'lives': A metabiography of a Victorian icon 2014
Lordship in four realms: The Lacy family, 1166–1241 2014
Louis XIV and the Parlements: The assertion of royal authority 2002
Louise Erdrich 2010
Love, history and emotion in Chaucer and Shakespeare: Troilus and Criseyde and Troilus and Cressida 2016
Love, Intimacy and Power: Marriage and patriarchy in Scotland, 1650-1850 2011
Luther's lives: Two contemporary accounts of Martin Luther 2002
Mad money: with an introduction by Benjamin Cohen 2016
Mainstreaming Gender, Democratizing The State?: Institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women 2003
Making and unmaking in early modern English drama: Spectators, aesthetics and incompletion OPEN ACCESS 2013
Making home: Orphanhood, kinship and cultural memory in contemporary American novels 2014
The making of British bioethics 2014
Making the patient-consumer: Patient organisations and health consumerism in Britain 2015
Male witches in early modern Europe 2003
The "Malleus Maleficarum" and the construction of witchcraft: Theology and popular belief 2003
Management and gender in higher education 2014
Managing Europe from Home: The changing face of European policy-making under Blair and Ahern 2011
Managing labour migration in Europe: Ideas, knowledge and policy change 2010
Mapping European Security After Kosovo 2002
Market relations and the competitive process 2002
A matter of intelligence: MI5 and the surveillance of anti–Nazi refugees, 1933–50 2014
Maurice Pialat 2006
Maxine Hong Kingston 2006
Memory and popular film 2003
Men with stakes: Masculinity and the gothic in US television 2016
Mental health nursing: The working lives of paid carers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries 2015
Michael Logue and the Catholic Church in Ireland, 1879–1925 2009
Michael Ondaatje 2009
Might, right, prosperity and consent: Representative democracy and the international economy 1919-2001 2008
Mike Leigh 2007
A minority and the state: Travellers in Britain in the twentieth century 2008
Modern motherhood: Women and family in England, 1945–2000 2012
Modern women on trial: Sexual transgression in the age of the flapper 2013
Monstrous media/spectral subjects: Imaging gothic fictions from the nineteenth century to the present 2015
More than a game: The computer game as fictional form 2003
'More work! Less pay!': Rebellion and repression in Italy, 1972–77 2009
A most diabolical deed': Infanticide and Irish society, 1850–1900 2013
Mothers and meaning on the early modern English stage 2010
Munitions of the mind: A history of propaganda 2003
Murder Capital: Suspicious deaths in London, 1933–53 2015
Music and the Sociological Gaze: Art worlds and cultural production 2006
Myth and materiality in a woman’s world 2005
National Missile Defence and the politics of US identity: A poststructural critique 2008
The naval war film: Genre, history and national cinema 2007
Negotiating sovereignty and human rights: International society and the International Criminal Court 2009
Networks of sound, style and subversion: The punk and post–punk worlds of Manchester, London, Liverpool and Sheffield, 1975–80 2015
The neurologists: A history of a medical specialty in modern Britain, c.1789–2000 2014
The new aestheticism 2003
New Labour and the New World Order: Britain's role in the war on terror 2011
New Zealand's empire 2016
News and rumour in Jacobean England: Information, court politics and diplomacy, 1618–25 2014
Noblewomen, aristocracy and power in the twelfth-century Anglo-Norman realm 2003
Northern Ireland and the European Union: The dynamics of a changing relationship 2014
Novelty fair: British visual culture between Chartism and the Great Exhibition 2016
Nurse writers of the Great War 2016
Object matters: Condoms, adolescence and time 2008
Odd women?: Spinsters, lesbians and widows in British women's fiction, 1850s–1930s 2014
Odoevsky's four pathways into modern fiction: A comparative study 2010
On Anachronism 2010
One hundred years of wartime nursing practices, 1854–1953 2015
Open graves, open minds: Representations of vampires and the Undead from the Enlightenment to the present day 2013
The Open University: A history 2015
Operation Demetrius and its aftermath: A new history of the use of internment without trial in Northern Ireland 1971–75 2015
The origins of the Scottish Reformation 2006
The other empire: Metropolis, India and progress in the colonial imagination 2003
Our fighting sisters: Nation, memory and gender in Algeria, 1954–2012 2015
Pan-Gemanism and the Austrofascist State, 1933-38 2011
The paradox of body, building and motion in seventeenth-century England 2015
Parliamentary reform at Westminster 2009
Parliaments, Nations and Identities in Britain and Ireland, 1660-185 2003
Passing into the present: Contemporary American fiction of racial and gender passing 2010
Paul Auster 2007
Paving the Empire Road: BBC television and West Indian immigration 2011
Peace, war and party politics: The Conservatives and Europe, 1846-59 2007
Peacemaking in the twenty-first century 2013
Performing Englishness: Identity and politics in a contemporary folk resurgence 2013
The 'perpetual fair': Gender, disorder, and urban amusement in eighteenth-century London 2014
Peter Carey 2003
Philip Roth 2007
Piercing the bamboo curtain: Tentative bridge-building to China during the Johnson years 2008
Playing for time: Stories of lost children, ghosts and the endangered present in contemporary theatre 2007
Police control systems in Britain, 1775–1975: From parish constable to national computer 2014
Policing youth: Britain, 1945–70 2014
Political concepts 2003
Political Corruption in Ireland, 1922-2010 2012
The political philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau: The impossibility of reason 2003
Political responsibility and the European Union 2008
The political theory of the Irish Constitution: Republicanism and the basic law 2015
The politics of alcohol: A history of the drink question in England 2009
The politics of betrayal: Renegades and ex-radicals from Mussolini to Christopher Hitchens 2013
The politics of constitutional nationalism in Northern Ireland, 1932–70: Between grievance and reconciliation 2014
The politics of Englishness 2007
The politics of old age: Older people's interest organisations and collective action in Ireland 2014
The politics of participation: From Athens to e-democracy 2007
The politics of war reporting: Authority, authenticity and morality 2011
The politics of writing: Julia Kavanagh, 1824-77 2009
Politics, performance and popular culture: Theatre and society in nineteenth-century Britain 2016
Politics personified: Portraiture, caricature and visual culture in Britain, c.1830–80 2015
The poor in England 1700-1850: An economy of makeshifts 2003
Popular culture and working-class taste in Britain, 1930-39: A round of cheap diversions? 2010
Population, providence and empire: The churches and emigration from nineteenth-century Ireland 2014
Postcolonial contraventions: Cultural readings of race, imperialism and transnationalism 2003
Postcolonial Manchester: Diaspora space and the devolution of literary culture 2013
Potentials of Disorder: Explaining Conflict and Stability in the Caucasus and in the Former Yugoslavia 2003
Precarious childhood in post-independence Ireland 2009
Priestley’s England: J. B. Priestley and English culture 2007
Producing globalisation: Politics of discourse and institutions in Greece and Ireland 2009
Propaganda and counter-terrorism: Strategies for global change 2015
Protest and the politics of space and place, 1789–1848 2016
The Protestant Orphan Society and its social significance in Ireland 1828–1940 2015
Qualities of food 2004
Queen and country: Same–sex desire in the British Armed Forces, 1939–45 2013
R. K. Narayan 2007
R. S. Thomas: Identity, environment, deity 2003
Race and empire: Eugenics in colonial Kenya 2007
Reading and politics in early modern England: The mental world of a seventeenth-century Catholic gentleman 2010
Reading behind the lines: Postmemory in contemporary British war fiction 2014
Reading Ireland: Print, reading and social change in early modern Ireland 2005
Reading poetry 2013
The Reality of Film: Theories of Filmic Reality 2011
Rebel by vocation: Seán O’Faoláin and the generation of The Bell 2016
Recycling the disabled: Army, medicine, and modernity in WWI Germany 2014
‘Red Ellen’ Wilkinson: Her ideas, movements and world 2014
Redefining Security in the Middle East 2002
Re-evaluating Irish national security policy: Affordable threats? 2009
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