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Actors and landscape changes in tropical Latin America: Challenges for REDD+ design and implementation 2010
Adaptation at the interface of forest ecosystem goods and services and livestock production systems in Northern Mali 2008
Adaptation to climate change in Africa: Synergies with biodiversity and forest 2008
Adaptive Collaborative Management Can Help Us Cope With Climate Change 2008
Addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation in tropical wetland ecosystems of Indonesia 2011
The Africa–China timber trade: Diverse business models call for specialized policy responses 2014
An Analysis of Forestry Sector Conflict in Indonesia 1997 - 2003 2004
Analysis of opportunities for biofuel production in sub-Saharan Africa 2009
Analysis of REDD+ policy networks in Peru 2014
A/R Clean Development Mechanism Project Activities: Development of PDD 2005
A/R Clean Development Mechanism Project Activities: Project Cycle 2005
A/R Clean Development Mechanism Project Activities: Legal Framework in Indonesia 2009
Are Community Aspirations Being Accommodated in Development Plans?: A Lesson from Collective Action in Jambi 2007
Beekeeping in Zambia 2008
Bees in the miombo: Buzzing toward the Millennium Development Goals 2010
Benefit sharing in context: A comparative analysis of 10 land-use change case studies in Indonesia 2015
Biofuel finance: Global trends in biofuel finance in forest-rich countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America and implications for governance 2011
Blessing or Misfortune?: Locals, Transmigrants and Collective Action 2007
Bridging the gap: Communities, forests and international networks 2003
A brief overview: Component 1 on national REDD+ policies and processes 2012
Climate change and forests in the Congo Basin: Synergy between adaptation and mitigation 2011
Collective Action to Secure Land Management Rights for Poor Communities 2007
Community forest and agroforestry for climate change adaptation and mitigation in the Monte Alén landscape 2014
Community plantation forests in Indonesia: Challenges and policy recommendations 2011
Conflict mediation in industrial tree plantations in Indonesia: Status and prospects 2014
Conquering space and time: The challenge of emissions from land use change 2010
Continued Marginalisation of Under Privileged Communities: Forest Management Following Decentralization in Sintang, West Kalimantan 2004
The cross border timber trade in Kalimantan: Will stopping timber smugglers help solve the illegal logging problem in Indonesia? 2006
Current vulnerability in the Monte Alén–Monts de Cristal landscape, Equatorial Guinea 2013
Current vulnerability in the Tri-National de la Sangha landscape, Cameroon 2013
Current vulnerability in the Virunga landscape, Rwanda 2013
District Governments and Poverty Alleviation in Forest Areas in Indonesia 2006
Do Trees Grow on Money?: The implications of deforestation research for policies to promote REDD 2008
Employment in industrial timber plantations: An Ethiopian case supported by a global review 2015
Environmental Valuation in Indonesia: Implication for forest policy, legal liability and state losses estimates 2014
Establishing special use zones in national parks: Can it break the conservation deadlock in Indonesia? 2010
The experience of conditional cash transfers: Lessons for REDD+ benefit sharing 2014
Exploring the forest - poverty link 2003
Favouring local development in the Amazon: Lessons from community forest management initiatives 2008
Financing household tree plantations in Vietnam 2011
Financing REDD: Linking country needs and financing sources 2008
Financing sustainable small-scale forestry: Policy issues and lessons from developing national forest financing strategies in Latin America 2010
Fire, livelihoods and environmental degradation in the wetlands of Indonesia: A vicious cycle 2004
Fires in Indonesia: Causes, costs and policy implications 2003
Fires in the Middle Mahakam peatlands: Balancing livelihoods and conservation 2004
Forest carbon for local livelihoods 2000
Forest Governance in Countries with Federal Systems of Government: Lessons for Decentralization 2008
Forest policies and forest resource flow in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Mali: Conflicting or consistent for adaptation to climate change? 2008
Forests: Gender and value chains 2012
Forests: Gender, property rights and access 2012
Forests: Gender, climate change and women’s representation 2012
Forests and climate change in Latin America: Linking adaptation and mitigation in projects and policies 2010
Forests and Human Health 2006
Forests as safety nets for mitigating the impacts of HIV/AIDS in southern Africa 2006
Forests, financial services and customer due diligence: Efforts to target illegality, money laundering and corruption in Indonesian forests 2015
Forests for climate change adaptation in the congo basin: Responding to an urgent need with sustainable practices 2008
From global complexity to local reality: Aligning implementation frameworks with Sustainable Development Goals and landscape approaches 2015
From global complexity to local reality: Aligning implementation pathways for the Sustainable Development Goals and landscape approaches 2015
Fuelwood revisited: What has changed in the last decade? 2003
Further guidance for REDD+ safeguard information systems?: An analysis of positions in the UNFCCC negotiations 2014
Gender analysis in forestry research: Looking back and thinking ahead 2012
Gender and forestry in Uganda: Policy, legal and institutional frameworks 2012
Gender and forests in Nicaragua’s autonomous regions: Community participation 2012
Gender and forests in Nicaragua’s autonomous regions: Legal architecture 2012
Gender Equity: Revealing the Reality for the Women of Jambi 2006
Gender in the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry: A summary of the strategy for research and action 2013
Gender, institutions and sustainability in the context of forest decentralisation reforms in Latin America and East Africa 2010
Gender, tenure and community forests in Uganda 2012
Governance, forests and REDD+ in Latin America 2010
Governing large-scale farmland investments in sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and ways forward 2014
Grounding the REDD+ debate: Preliminary evidence from pilot initiative in the Brazilian Amazon 2010
Guiding Principles for Delivering Coastal Wetland Carbon Projects 2014
Gums and resins of Ethiopia 2011
How can communities be included in district land use planning?: Experience from Malinau District, East Kalimantan 2005
How is REDD+ unfolding in southern Africa’s dry forests?: A snapshot from Mozambique 2011
Illegal Forest Activities in Berau and Kutai Timur: Impacts, Driving Forces and Remedies 2006
The Impact of IPPK and IUPHHK on Community Economies in Malinau District 2006
The Impact of IPPK and IUPHHK on Community Economies in Malinau District 2006
Improving Decentralized Forest Management in Cameroon: Options and Opportunities from Ten Years of Experience 2007
Incentives +: How can REDD improve well-being in forest communities? 2009
Increasing the benefits to disadvantaged groups in multistakeholder forestry negotiations 2002
Indonesia and CIFOR: A partnership for forests and people 2010
Informing decisions on ecosystem-based approaches for the adaptation of people in the Asia and Pacific region 2011
International Cooperation: Against Financial Backers of Illegal Logging 2005
Introducing Pro-Formal: Policy and regulatory options to recognise and better integrate the domestic timber sector in tropical countries 2011
An introduction to the gender box 2014
Is a typology for planted forests feasible, or even relevant? 2015
Justice in the forest: Rural livelihoods and forest law enforcement 2006
KYC Principles: For Forestry Related Customers 2005
Lac Télé – Lac Tumba Landscape 2012
Learning lessons from smallholder and community forest mosaics to support sustainable livelihoods in the Amazon 2012
The legitimacy of multilevel governance structures for benefit sharing: REDD+ and other low emissions options in Peru 2014
Lessons for REDD+ benefit-sharing mechanisms from anti-corruption measures in Indonesia 2015
Lessons from environmental and social sustainability certification standards for equitable REDD+ benefit-sharing mechanisms 2015
Lessons from local environmental funds for REDD+ benefit sharing with indigenous people in Brazil 2014
Lessons from Payments for Ecosystem Services for REDD+ Benefit-Sharing Mechanisms 2014
Lessons from the perceptions of equity and risks in payments for forest environmental services (PFES) fund distribution: A case study of Dien Bien and Son La provinces in Vietnam 2015
Linking great ape conservation and poverty alleviation: Sharing experiences from Africa and Asia 2013
Local People’s Access to Forest-Based Development Opportunities In Manokwari District 2004
The local social and environmental impacts of biofuel feedstock expansion: A synthesis of case studies from Asia, Africa and Latin America 2010
Losing less and winning more: Building capacity to go beyond the trade-offs between conservation and development in the Lower Mekong 2009
Low-emission development strategies (LEDS): How can REDD+ contribute? 2015
Maiko-Tayna-Kahuzi-Biega Landscape 2012
Making dry forests work for the poor in Africa - building on success 2004
Making forest carbon markets work for low-income producers 2002
Making timber plantations an attractive business for smallholders 2015
Mapping landscape guidelines and principles to the Aichi targets 2015
Maringa–Lopori–Wamba Landscape 2012
Measuring and monitoring forest degradation for REDD: Implications of country circumstances 2008
Monitoring deforestation and forest degradation in the context of REDD+: Lessons from Tanzania 2015
The Monte Alen–Monts De Cristal Landscape 2013
Mutual legal assistance to strengthen Indonesia-ASEAN forest governance 2014
No forest, no NTFPs for rural communities in Cambodia 2014
Not by grain alone…: Woodlands and rural livelihoods in dryland Africa 2002
Oil, macroeconomics and forests: Lessons for Central Africa 2004
Only money talks: How REDD+ discourses in the Nepalese media overlook the politics of policy making and governance 2014
Operationalising the ecosystem approach - re-inventing research 2004
Operationalizing REDD+ Safeguards: Challenges and opportunities 2014
Opportunities and challenges for biofuel production in Latin America: A forester’s perspective 2009
Opportunities and Constraints to Community Forestry: Experience from Malinau 2005
Palm oil and biodiversity 2014
Payments for environmental services: Some nuts and bolts 2005
Payments for forest environmental services in Vietnam: From policy to practice 2013
Peruvian smallholder production and marketing of bolaina (Guazuma crinita), a fast-growing Amazonian timber species: Call for a pro-livelihoods policy environment 2013
Planning for woodcarving in the 21<sup>st</sup> century 2002
Policy options for improved forest use by smallholders in the Ecuadorian Amazon 2014
Policy options for improved integration of domestic timber markets under the voluntary partnership agreement (VPA) regime: Lessons from formalization case studies 2014
Policy options for improved integration of domestic timber markets under the voluntary partnership agreement (VPA) regime: Synthesis from lessons learned in Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, Gabon and Indonesia 2014
Policy options for improved integration of domestic timber markets under the voluntary partnership agreement (VPA) regime in Cameroon 2014
Policy options for improved integration of domestic timber markets under the voluntary partnership agreement (VPA) regime in Gabon 2014
Policy options for improved integration of domestic timber markets under the voluntary partnership agreement (VPA) regime in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 2014
Poverty and Forests: Multi-Country Analysis of Spatial Association and Proposed Policy Solutions 2007
Poverty in Rural Forest Communities and its Management: A Case Study in Malinau District 2006
Preliminary value chain analysis of gum and resin marketing in Ethiopia: Issues for policy and research 2011
Public Participation in Local Forestry Policy-making after Decentralization: Uncertainties, challenges and expectations in Tanjung Jabung Barat District, Jambi Province 2004
Quantifying agricultural and non-agricultural drivers of carbon stock change from land-use change 2015
Recognising community rights: The potential and challenges of forest tenure reform 2009
The REDD+ Governance Landscape and the Challenge of Coordination in Brazil 2015
REDD+ in indigenous territories in Latin America: Opportunity or threat? 2010
REDD+ policy networks in Indonesia 2013
REDD+ policy networks in Vietnam 2014
REDD+ readiness in Nepal: In search of effective stakeholder participation 2014
Reducing green house gas emissions from oil palm in Indonesia: Lessons from East Kalimantan 2015
Regulatory policies and Gnetum spp. trade in Cameroon 2007
Rights to forests and carbon under REDD+ initiatives in Latin America 2010
The role of national governance systems in biofuel development: A comparative analysis of lessons learned 2010
The role of REDD in stabilising greenhouse gas concentrations: Lessons from economic models 2008
Small scale 100 ha logging concessions’ contribution to regional finance: Case study in Bulungan district 2004
Snapshot of REDD+ in Papua New Guinea 2011
A step-wise framework for setting REDD+ forest reference emission levels and forest reference levels 2012
Synergies across a REDD+ landscape: Non-carbon benefits, joint mitigation and adaptation, and an analysis of submissions to the SBSTA 2014
Synergies between adaptation and mitigation in a nutshell 2011
Synthesis: Bioenergy, Sustainability and Trade-offs: Can we Avoid Deforestation while Promoting Biofuels? 2012
Synthesis: Action research to improve furniture value chain governance and enhance livelihoods of small-scale producers 2013
Taking migration seriously: What are the implications for gender and community forestry? 2013
Timber legality verification and small-scale forestry enterprises in Indonesia: Lessons learned and policy options 2014
Timber production in smallholder agroforestry systems: Justifications for pro-poor forest policy in Peru 2014
Toward ‘post-REDD+ landscapes’: Mexico’s community forest enterprises provide a proven pathway to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation 2010
Tri-National de la Sangha Landscape 2012
The use of pigüe (Piptocoma discolor) by smallholders in Napo, Ecuador: Sustainable management of a pioneer timber species for local livelihoods 2013
Using the Anti Money Laundering Law: Catching the Intellectual Actors behind Illegal Logging 2005
Verification vs. Finance?: Removing the negotiation roadblocks for results-based REDD+ activities 2013
The Virunga Landscape 2013
THE WEALTH OF THE DRY FORESTS: Can Sound Forest Management Contribute to the Millennium Development Goals in Sub-Saharan Africa? 2006
What can REDD+ benefit-sharing mechanisms learn from the European Rural Development Policy? 2015
What is a REDD+ pilot?: A preliminary typology based on early actions in Indonesia 2010
What is the right scale for REDD?: The implications of national, subnational and nested approaches 2008
Who holds power in land-use decisions?: Implications for REDD+ in Indonesia 2014
Why are forest areas relevant to reducing poverty in Indonesia? 2004
Woodfuel for urban centres in the Democratic Republic of Congo: The number one energy and forest product returns to the policy agenda 2011
Zero-deforestation commitments in Indonesia: Governance challenges 2015