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The Chinese University Press was established in 1977 as the publishing house of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement, preservation and dissemination of knowledge, as well as the promotion of multi-cultural academic exchanges.

The Press publishes more than fifty titles per year and carries well over 1,300 titles on its backlist. It is an established publisher of many scholarly works on China and Hong Kong studies and on Chinese culture. 

Journals in from Chinese University Press
3 Journals in Date Range
China Review 1991 - 2017
Journal of Chinese Linguistics 1973 - 2013
Journal of Chinese Linguistics Monograph Series 1982 - 2010
Books in from Chinese University Press
72 Books in Copyright Date
Anorexia Nervosa and Family Therapy in a Chinese Context 2011
Ascendant Peace in the Four Seas: Drama and the Qing Imperial Court 2012
A Brighter Side 2009
Canyon in the Body (English and Simplified Chinese) 2013
The Changing Room: Selected poetry of Zhai Yongming 2011
Chinese Rhyme Prose: Poems in the Fu Form from the Han and Six Dynasties Periods 1971
City of the Dead and Song of the Night 2015
The Classic Chinese Novel: A Critical Introduction 2015
Collaborative Regional Development in Northeast Asia: Towards a Sustainable Regional and Subregional Future 2011
Collected Writings on Chinese Culture 2011
Confucian Role Ethics: A Vocabulary 2011
A Critical History of New Music in China 2010
Culture & History of Postrevolutionary China: The Perspective of Global Modernity 2011
Daoist Philosophy and Literati Writings in Late Imperial China: A Case Study of The Story of the Stone 2013
Daxue & Zhongyong: A Bilingual Edition 2012
Democracy on Trial: Social Movements and Cultural Politics in Postauthoritarian Taiwan 2013
Dimensions of Originality: Essays on SeventeenthCentury Chinese Art Th eory and Criticism 2013
Double Shadows: Selected Poetry of Ouyang Jianghe 2012
The Empress and the Heavenly Masters: A Study of the Ordination Scroll of Empress Zhang (1493) 2015
Ethics Unbound: Chinese and Western Perspectives on Morality 2013
Facility Siting in the AsiaPacific: Perspectives on Knowledge Production and Application 2011
Financial Analysis in Hong Kong: Qualitative Examination of Financial Statements (2nd edition) for CEOs and Board Members 2013
Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 2011
Flash Cards: Chinese and English Bilingual Version 2011
The Flower Princess: A Cantonese Opera by Tong Dik Sang 2010
A Garden of One's Own: A Collection of Modern Chinese Essays, 1919 1949 2012
The Gate of Darkness: Studies on the Leftist Literary Movement 2015
Gender, Discourse and the Self in the Literature: Issues in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong 2010
Growing Your Own Food in Hong Kong 2013
Hong Kong Taxation: Law and Practice 2012–13 Edition 2012
Hong Kong Taxation: Law & Practice 2013-14 Edition 2013
Hong Kong Taxation: Law & Practice 2014-15 Edition 2014
Huangdi Neijing: A Synopsis with Commentaries 2010
I Can Almost See The Clouds of Dust: Selected Poetry of Yu Xiang 2013
I Like Hong Kong: Art and Deterritorialization 2010
The Invisible Citizens of Hong Kong: Art and Stories of Vietnamese Boatpeople 2014
Islands or Continents: International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong 2013 (SingleVolume Anthology) 2013
The Ivory Tower and the Marble Citadel: Essays on Political Philosophy in Our Modern Era of Interacting Cultures 2012
Learning to Emulate the Wise: The Genesis of Chinese Philosophy as an Academic Discipline in TwentiethCentury China 2012
The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons 2015
A Little Primer of Tu Fu 2016
The Lost Generation: The Rustication of China’s Educated Youth (1968–1980) 2013
Marathon in Hong Kong: Challenges and Health 2010
Meeting the Challenges: A Historical Record of China’s Development—Speeches by Wen Jiabao at the World Economic Forum Events 2014
The Metamorphosis of Tianxian pei: Local Opera under the Revolution (1949–1956) 2015
Ming Erotic Novellas: Genre, Consumption, and Religiosity in Cultural Practice 2011
Mirage 2014
The Mozi: A Complete Translation 2010
Multilevel Analysis of the PISA Data: Insights for Policy and Practice 2013
Multiple Modernities: A Tale of Scandinavian Experiences 2011
Negotiating Religion in Modern China: State and Common People in Guangzhou, 1900–1937 2011
Overt and Covert Treasures: Essays on the Sources for Chinese Women’s History 2012
A Phone Call From Dalian: Selected Poetry of Han Dong 2012
A Pragmatist and His Free Spirit: The Half Century Romance of Hu Shi and Edith Clifford Williams 2009
Real Life in China at the Height of Empire: Revealed by the Ghosts of Ji Xiaolan 2014
The Rebirth of the Moral Self: The Second Generation of Modern Confucians and their Modernization Discourses 2016
Renewal: The Chinese State and the New Global History 2013
Res Publica: Plato's Republic in Classical German Philosophy 2015
The Scholar's Mind: Essays in Honor of Frederick 2009
Shanghai’s Dancing World: Cabaret Culture and Urban Politics, 1919–1954 2010
Sinologists as Translators in the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries 2015
Sinology in Post-Communist States: Views from the Czech Republic, Mongolia, Poland, and Russia 2016
Sociology and Anthropology in TwentiethCentury China: Between Universalism and Indigenism 2012
Something Crosses My Mind 2014
The Southern Garden Poetry Society: Literary Culture and Social Memory in Guangdong 2013
The Three Leaps of Wang Lun: A Chinese Novel 2015
A Time and A Tide: Charles K. Kao ─ A Memoir 2011
Transforming History: The Making of a Modern Academic Discipline in TwentiethCentury China 2011
Translation and Global Asia: Relocating Networks of Cultural Production 2014
Voices from the Frontline: Narratives of Nonnative English Speaking Teachers 2015
The West As the Other: A Genealogy of Chinese Occidentalism 2014
Wind Says: Selected Poetry of Bai Hua 2012