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Anyone Corporation, founded in 1990, is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge and understanding of architecture and its relationships to the general culture through international conferences, public seminars, and publications that erode boundaries between disciplines and cultures. The organization’s current program consists of two publishing projects: Log, a tri-annual journal of writing on architecture, and Writing Architecture, a series of small paperback books co-published with MIT Press.

Between 1991–2000 Anyone Corporation sponsored ten multidisciplinary and cross-cultural conferences at different international sites around the globe and explored different themes based on architectural definitions of the ten compound any words in the English dictionary. The results of each conference – the participants’ papers and edited transcripts of the discussions – were published in books of the same name. This activity was complemented by ANY (Architecture New York), a bimonthly magazine published from 1993–2000.
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ANY: Architecture New York 1993 - 2000
Log 2003 - 2014

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